Sunday, July 25, 2010

"mama ride?"

bolt came to visit me in the hospital today, and the first thing he always asks me is if i wanna ride? well, honestly...not so much, i'd rather not be lifted halfway to the ceiling in my bed and then folded almost in half. i already have trouble stretching my torso out enough to breathe these days. but if that's what will make him laugh for the time i get to spend with him each day, then by all means...i wanna ride. i have missed him so much this week. i've seen him a lot, but not nearly as much as we're both used to. he is so sweet and he always kisses my belly and talks to his brothers. i can't wait until we're all home together. i'm so glad that we've had our family in town this week, rob's mom (duckie) has taken bolt duty for this week. she's doing a great job and he absolutely loves his duckie!! i'm trying to make the most of my quiet alone time...while it still exists:) i'd love to do an online scrapbook of bolt's first 2 years, i'm still searching for the motivation though. and i'm trying to get done with some long overdue thank you notes. i'm thanking God for everyday that these boys can grow in my womb and anxiously awaiting the time that we will get to spend with them on this side. until then...i'm enjoying little moments that make me smile. when i prop up my hospital bed in the middle of the night to heave myself to the bathroom, i hear my precious son's voice say "mama ride?" what a blessing my children are to me...the one that i know and the ones that i haven't met. thank you Jesus for my sweet family.

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  1. so excited that you're blogging! even more excited about the soon to come new additions! can't wait to meet them!!!!